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About Us

Ocean Rocks

Seabreeze Independent School is a school based on Montessori principles. It was started by parents, to fill the void created by the closure of a local Montessori school. Our goal is to provide quality education to our children and yours.


Mission: What we do

We utilize a peaceful and engaging environment to reveal our children’s inner desire to become independent, life long learners encompassing the whole child and to prepare them for life.


Vision: What we strive for


We aim to prepare our children for whatever path they choose. We help them gain the skills they need to become responsible, compassionate, self-motivated, self-disciplined citizens.


Values: Our culture, our fundamental beliefs and behavior


We treat all children with respect. We encourage all children to always do their best. We teach love, compassion and empathy for all individuals. We cultivate a child’s desire to learn, use critical thinking and be curious.

Upcoming Events:
Parent Teacher Conferences

Our conferences will be scheduled soon.  Please have your questions and suggestions ready!

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