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Our Staff

At Seabreeze Independent School we have a wonderful staff.  Their varied experiences create a diverse learning environment.
Daniel Euclide

Daniel Euclide earned a degree in economics and statistical marketing from Kent State University in 2010.   He graduated with an AMI Montessori certificate as well as a M.Ed in Montessori Elementary Education from Loyola University in Baltimore.  He led a 1st through 6th grade classroom in White Salmon, WA, for three years and guided the Upper Elementary classroom for Kennebec Montessori for a year.

Dan loves inspiring children to believe in themselves and to discover how they learn.  He hopes to instill a lifetime love of learning in all of his students while showing them the wonder of the universe.  Prioritizing building grit, becoming a compassionate human being and learning about the natural world, he is excited to work in a mixed, 6-12, classroom again. 

Brittany Dragon

Brittany Dragon comes to us with experience in both a Montessori elementary classroom as a French teacher and a lead guide in a primary classroom. Her experience and certification come from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada where she was born and raised.  She is very much looking forward to getting back to her roots in the Montessori classroom and getting to know all of our children and their families.

Craig Soderquist

Craig Soderquist is a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel who earned his bachelor of science degree at the University of Florida and his master's degree in business from Central Michigan University.  In addition to his flying experience, Craig has over 20 years of classroom experience and group leadership expertise.  In addition, he has a wealth of experience in both ministry and community service as well as a great love for kids.  He is a big hit with the children.

Libby Harriman

Libby Harriman has diverse and varied life experiences.  She has an Associates in Fire Science, a Bachelors in Forestry and a Class A driver’s license.  As a firefighter for 14 years, she traveled to over 20 states on various fire crews.  She has taken charge of planning and logistics on fires totaling more than a half a million acres.  Her most enjoyable teaching experiences as a firefigher have been teaching fire behavior based on terrain and weather patterns in the field.

She started Seabreeze Independent School with her husband in 2020.  She is currently the head of school, an assistant in the elementary classroom and has completed a MACTE certified Elementary I and II certification. 

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