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School Year 2024 - 2025
Starts September 3rd, 2024! 

Tuition​ Early Childhood
5 days a week $870 per month, 8-2:30
5 days, 1/2 days, $750 per month, 8-Noon 

Before and After School Care

Early Childhood location only
5 days a week $80 per month, 7:30-8

5 days a week $300 per month 2:30-4​

5 days a week $900 per month

$90 per month sibling discount on the second and subsequent children 

Annual tuition is subdivided into ten equal monthly payments beginning in August and ending in May. In order to maintain quality services over the entire year, it is essential that the annual income from tuitions be assured. For this reason, it is understood that no monthly reduction or remission of tuition fees can be allowed for school vacations, professional days, absence or withdrawal.  Children wishing to only attend half a day may be picked up at noon
There is also a $250 yearly activity fee due on the first day of school.  This fee is prorated for children joining mid-year.
Pebble Beach
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